About Inge and her work

From teacher to sports masseur, to sound healer and bodyworker

I have been living in Gapinge since 2014. After many busy years in the Randstad, I fully enjoy the space of the countryside, the sea, my pleasant work and associated studies here.

In my life I have increasingly started to follow my own path. Various positions in education, healthcare and management support were very instructive, but (especially office work) not always very fulfilling.Out of interest in health and natural medicine, I trained myself in 2012 in giving (sports) massages and soon made this my profession.By continuing to learn, other forms of massage were added and I increasingly came to the essence of relaxation through touch and attention.From 2017, sound work or sound healing has also been added, which can also be called vibration medicine. I followed the Sound Healer training with Nestor Kornblum and Michelle Averard in Lier. In addition, I learned for Energetic Healer at Caro Daalder in Rotterdam. To complete my package, I also took an apprenticeship with Loucas van de Berg in Nijmegen, where I followed the special Healing Voice training.

From October 2023 I will further deepen my knowledge through a course at the Kleine Tiki in Breda, which I am very much looking forward to. Creative body work and artistic dynamic coaching will be central.

All in all a wonderful combination of tools, experience, knowledge and skills with which I can help a broad target group to relax deeply, to learn to listen to their true self and to get closer to their destination.Although I mention treatments separately on the website, I often combine the package of “tools” and instruments whereby the client receives what is supportive for him or her at that moment in a process of healing and recovery.

Of course you can also book a sports or relaxation massage without sound or energy work. And the same applies to treatment with sound, this can be done with or without touch.

See you soon in my practice with a beautiful wide and green view of the horizon!