Enjoy this unique and healing experience, come home to yourself and feel refreshed and relaxed again. A singing bowl massage can create and restore balance. You are also invited to grow and change: let go of old things and be open to new developments. Ideal if you are under long-term or temporary pressure.

It is advisable not to eat (too much) an hour beforehand, to wear loose or flexible clothing and to remove your jewellery. After a short conversation, you take a seat on the massage table, partly in a supine position and partly in a prone position. The singing bowls are placed on your body and also played around your body. The harmonious sounds have a healing and transformative effect down to the cellular level. Emotionally, this can bring out feelings of joy, love, emotion and sometimes sadness and anger (old pain). Through the sound and vibration of the singing bowl you are able to open blockages, discharge yourself and release tensions so that you can regain balance in a natural way. At the end of the session there is a gradual completion with a moment of silence, focus on the breath, something to drink and a discussion afterwards.

The harmonizing effect of the singing bowl

The functioning of the singing bowls is something special because the singing bowls have a harmonizing effect by nature. This harmonious sound affects the body, it works on our feelings, emotions and memories. By striking a singing bowl, the bowl gives a sound, a sound and a vibration. The vibration of a singing bowl is powerful and moves quickly through your body. Because our body consists of 80% water, the vibration creates an inner massage, as it were, which can contribute to an overall deep relaxation. This brings your body and mind into balance in a natural way. In this way, tensions in the body as well as on other levels of consciousness can be released and resolved. A healthy body has its own vibration and movement. It is well tuned and vibrates cleanly in its own frequency. When you are not feeling well, are stressed or have physical complaints, this body’s own vibration is disturbed. Due to the vibration of the singing bowl, your body will first vibrate with the singing bowl and thus go along with the harmonic frequency of the singing bowl. After that, your body will automatically switch to your body’s restored or renewed vibration frequency.

Unique sound instrument

Singing bowls are unique sound instruments that were made in the Himalayas, including Tibet, Nepal and India. They consist of 7 different metals. Each handcrafted singing bowl is forged by hand and each bowl has its own authentic sound, its own sound and its own vibration and as such can never be duplicated. The rich range of tones that a singing bowl offers is full, enveloping and pure and gives beautiful harmonic sounds. Sound is sound and sound is vibration. The sound is an audible perception, the vibration a tactile one. Sometimes the vibration is so powerful that you can see it with the naked eye. Sound has a certain effect: it gives you goosebumps or a pleasant feeling. Certain sounds and noises can also evoke certain feelings, images and memories. As a result, feelings can be released and the accompanying visual material emerges, as it were.

Origin of singing bowls

The origin of the singing bowls is shrouded in mystery, but their history goes back at least 1000 years. They were and still are used for sacred purposes and offerings in temples in Tibet and Nepal. The use of sound as a healing power goes back many thousands of years. In many ancient cultures sound was an important part of their healing. The old and antique bowls were last made about 50 years ago and have a better sound than the new bowls. That has to do with the way they are made. The old bowls are forged by hand and each bowl has its own authentic sound. In earlier times they were made by making a liquid mass of metal into a plate and then the hot plate was hammered out until the shell shape was formed. The old singing bowls consist of an alloy of no less than seven metals (gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead).