MASSAGE     –     SOUND    –      AWARENESS

Various possibilities to come to yourself and relax.
Combinations are possible.


  • Sportmassage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Relaxation massage with sound relaxation (soft healing sounds, such as: singing bowls, monochord, gong, ocean drum)
  • Shantala massage
  • Shantala massage with music experience
  • Energetic Four-Element Massage
  • Intuitive massage
  • Verlichtende voetmassage
  • Verkwikkende stoelmassage
  • Magische Qigong massage voor kinderen

Sound treatments

  • Back in balance with singing bowls
  • Relaxing sound journey
  • Gong bath
  • Tuning fork treatment
  • Healing and relaxation with the Monochord
  • Body in motion (based on BiM, see:


  • Access Consciousness (including “the Bars”)
  • Guided meditations with singing bowls
  • Munay Ki – 9 ways to your heart
  • Energetic healing

Also for sound during your yoga class or meditation, also in healthcare and on location, individual or for groups, guided meditation, combinations possible.

30 minutes: € 25,00
60 minutes: € 45,00
75 minutes: € 55,00
90 minutes: € 65,00
120 minutes: € 75,00
Longer sessions: price in consultation.

Inge followed various training courses – including Sports massage, Relaxation massage, Sound healing, BIM, Training singing bowls, guided meditations, sound bath and healing voice.

inge davidse
Photo: Jessica Groenenberg, august 2022